Customer Stories - Microvascular

Customer Stories

  • Chris K.
    For the last 7, or so, years I have suffered from Chilblains on my toes during colder winter months. We just experienced the coldest winter on record in my lifetime and I had no Chilblains. Was my first full winter taking Endocalyx, that is the correlation I see. Thank you!!
    Chris K.
    Age 51
  • Dr. David Winslow
    I recommend Endocalyx to all of my patients. This product has the right ingredients to support the capillaries from breaking down and becoming leaky. When capillaries are healthy, arteries are healthy.
    Dr. David Winslow
  • Cathy L.
    While I cannot pinpoint specific benefits from Endocalyx, I believe in the science behind it and feel as though it is doing things for my body in a cellular level that allows all the rest of the nutrition and supplements I take to work better.
    Cathy L.
  • Sue C.
    I have found that I have much fewer problems with circulation in my lower extremities. I do not have cramps in my toes anymore. I have very little neuropathy pain and my legs do not swell as badly as they had been.
    Sue C.
  • Mona L.
    For several years I had struggled with elevated blood pressure levels that were very concerning to me, in fact I ended up in the emergency room at one point! My mother and all of her siblings had been on blood pressure medicine. I really wanted to avoid the same path. I underwent many tests but nothing could be found. Someone told me about Microvascular Health, and I am so grateful! I have been taking Endocalyx for over a year and My blood pressure is now in the normal range! I feel great!
    Mona L.
    74 years old
  • Hen Min H.
    My general feeling of wellness has improved in the first three months since my wife and I have been consuming Endocalyx. Endocalyx strongly appeals to me for benefits doctors have been trying to achieve to mitigate a variety of deficits in my pulmonary, cardio, endocrine, gastro, and other systems. A "balance" had not been discovered in the last 15 years of seeking relief from increasing shortness of breath, with no appreciable net improvement until now. It seems that I am having fewer COPD spasms and less use of the albuterol inhaler. The veins in my feet and back of my hands are more pronounced and visible and the last two blood draws were done in one poke, unlike the usual minimum 2 on each arm to find a good spot. I’m especially interested and hopeful for a positive change in my GFR as it was last at 34 a couple months ago after sliding from 54 in the last two years. I believe it’s imperative to try to stop the fall, and hopefully, Endocalyx will help.
    Hen Min H.
    Age 79
  • Tracy V.
    Endocalyx has made a huge difference in my health. I don't know how Endocalyx works but I never want to go without it! I have been suffering for years with circulation problems and high blood pressure, even though I am not overweight and my cholesterol is normal. I have Raynauds which is caused from Scleroderma, an auto immune disease. This disease has caused the small vessels in my fingers to be blocked causing my fingers to turn white and purple at times causing me pain which can lead to amputation. Endocalyx has helped with the blood flow to my fingers. I am also able to get off my blood pressure medicine which was causing side effects. Endocalyx, and the Doctor who put me on it, has been a Godsend. Thank you for Endocalyx.
    Tracy V.
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