Frequently Asked Questions about Endocalyx Pro - Microvascular

Frequently Asked Questions about Endocalyx Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

1What Should I Expect To Feel Or Experience From Taking Endocalyx Pro?
Clearer thinking:

Endocalyx Pro helps build the glycocalyx, which optimizes the function of the capillaries in the brain.* The better each brain cell is supplied with oxygen and nutrients, the better the mood, clearer the mind, and more productive the thinking.*

More youthful appearance:

Healthy skin, hair and eyes depend on a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients in order to renew, grow, and stay healthy.* As it rejuvenates the glycocalyx, this supply line is improved.* Skin color and tone are enhanced.* Hair and nails are stronger and healthier.* And eyes are clearer and brighter.*

Increased Energy:

As it strengthens the glycocalyx, the entire vascular system is better able to reach each cell of the body.* Then all the cells of the body, including the brain, heart and muscle are amply supplied with oxygen and fuel.*

Improved Performance:

Strong physical performance depends on proper exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, glucose and metabolic waste, to and from every muscle cell. A glycocalyx enhanced by Endocalyx Pro™ optimizes these exchanges.*

Greater Comfort:

Helps the glycocalyx optimize capillary structure, while actually increasing functional capillary density.* This means more blood cells reach more muscle, skin, and nerve cells, restoring warmth, feeling and comfort.*
2How Long Before I Will See An Effect?
Many people report initial improvement within four weeks, and even more after three months. Of course, individual results may vary.
3Should I Take It All At Once In The Morning Or Spread It Throughout The Day?
We recommend that you take 4 capsules daily, and if you can, spread the dose throughout the day. If you tend to forget, it’s still better to take all 4 at once.
4Do I Get The Nutrients In The Food I Already Eat?
Depending on diet, most people don’t get all the nutrients needed daily, and when they do, it’s insufficient. Endocalyx Pro has seven synergistic ingredients from plant-based natural sources that are optimized and concentrated extracts to deliver the benefits of these nutrients to the microvascular system.

Endocalyx Pro is safe and effective, combining Mediterranean fruits and vegetables and nutritious seaweed from Southeast Asia.* Together, these nutrients supply the building blocks needed for a strong and healthy glycocalyx, protecting the heart and blood vessels while optimizing circulation.*
5What Supplements Are Similar To Endocalyx Pro?
Endocalyx Pro is a unique, proprietary, patent pending formula, developed with the specific compounds targeting the microvascular system and glycocalyx.
6How Long Do I Have To Take Endocalyx Pro?
Clinical testing has shown that you only sustain the long-term benefits as long as you continue to take it, because you don’t get these vital nutrients in your diet.
7Am I Able To Continue My Prescription Medications, Including Blood Thinners?
Yes, Endocalyx Pro has not been shown to interfere with prescription medications. If you are pregnant, nursing or taking prescription medications, consult with your health care provider.
8How Do I Cancel My Monthly Autoship
You may cancel your monthly autoship at any time by contacting us or calling customer service toll-free at 1-800-227-1933.
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