Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the ingredients in Endocalyx Pro™?

The ingredients of Endocalyx Pro™ are based on the synergistic action of three classes of compounds. Endocalyx Pro™ is so unique it has been granted a patent as a Method of Treatment for the Endothelial Glycocalyx. The three categories of compounds include:

  1. Restorative Properties of Polysaccharides: Endocalyx Pro is made with a brown seaweed called Laminaria Japonica. An extract is produced that is certified to have a minimum extract rate of 85% of the compound fucoidan sulfate. Fucoidan sulfate is validated as a hybrid of heparan sulfate and chondroitin sulfate and has a high binding affinity for heparanase. The fucoidan repairs the glycocalyx and prevents breakdown by inhibiting the heparanase activity. In addition to the fucoidan sulfate, Endocalyx Pro also contains high molecular weight hyaluronan which is essential to provide the glycocalyx with its structural stability and dimension.
  2. Regenerative Properties of Amino Sugars: A high dose of glucosamine sulfate, 1,500 mg (vegetarian) provides the building blocks for glycocalyx synthesis. Research confirms that glucosamine at this concentration boosts endothelial cell glycocalyx production.
  3. Protective Properties of Antioxidants: Microvascular Health Solutions developed a next-generation proprietary blend of polyphenol and flavonoids consisting of the most efficacious fruits and vegetables clinically shown to produce antioxidant activity—Olive (fruit) extract, artichoke (leaf) extract, red and white grapes (fruit) extract. We increased the amounts of these ingredients to provide evidence based effective doses. We added superoxide dismutase (from bitter melon concentrate). We also added catalase (also from bitter melon concentrate). It is also verified that these antioxidant ingredients survive oral intake and arrive in the vascular compartment at clinically effective dosages.

For the detailed ingredient information, please refer to the Supplement Facts portion of the label.

2What is the recommended dose?
For a maintenance regimen, the recommended dose is four capsules twice daily, either two in the morning and two in the evening, or four all at one time. One bottle of 120 veggie capsules is a one-month supply. Some healthcare practitioners who recommend Endocalyx Pro™ tell patients to take six or even eight capsules daily for the first two or three months after starting Endocalyx Pro™ before backing down to a maintenance dose of four capsules daily.
3How long before Endocalyx Pro™ goes to work?
Studies show that the improvement in MicroVascular Health Scores™ begin around three or four months after first starting Endocalyx Pro™. You can read the results of that study here.
4Are there any side effects from taking Endocalyx Pro™?
We have had no negative side effects reported.
5Have any double-blind placebo studies been done on Endocalyx Pro™?
There are several double-blind studies taking place on the effectiveness of Endocalyx Pro. It can take years for double-blind placebo studies to be completed followed by months before the peer-reviewed research is released. Click to our Endocalyx Pro™ Studies page for the latest information.
6Can I buy Endocalyx Pro™ on Amazon?
We’re sorry but Endocalyx Pro™ is not offered on Amazon, eBay or other sellers.
7What is the difference between Endocalyx Pro™ and Arterosil?
We have prepared a document so you can compare the differences between Endocalyx Pro™ and Arterosil™. Click here to read it.
8Am I able to continue my prescription medications, including blood thinners?
Yes, Endocalyx Pro™ has not been shown to interfere with prescription medications. If you are pregnant, nursing or taking prescription medications, consult with your health care provider.
9Does Endocalyx Pro repair the endothelial wall, or just the glycocalyx?
Endocalyx Pro helps to restore the endothelial glycocalyx, and because of close association with the endothelium, it thereby helps to support endothelial function by improving endothelial production of nitric oxide, restores endothelial permeability, and also contributes to the anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulatory properties of the endothelium.
10Is shellfish in the glucosamine ingredient of Endocalyx Pro?
No, the ingredients in Endocalyx Pro are all plant based.
11How do I cancel my monthly autoship?
You may cancel your monthly autoship at any time by contacting us or calling customer service toll-free at 1-800-227-1933. Calls are answered during regular business hours between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Mountain Time.
12I have a specific medical question; can you please answer it for me?
We’re sorry, but we’re unable to answer medical questions. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner for guidance.