New peer-reviewed research in Frontiers in Neurology reveals the rest of the story about why Endocalyx Pro is so important for your brain health.

Here’s a summary for our customers:


When the microvascular system is healthy and a person is in a resting state, some capillaries are without blood flow and go into reserve. That means that a low level of blood flow moves at a normal rate through only engaged capillaries. Notice in the illustration “Healthy Capillaries: Resting” that the feed flow equals 100, with the two engaged capillaries each at 50.


In the illustration “Healthy Capillaries: Active” the feed flow equals 150, with the three engaged capillaries each at 50.


Key takeaway: The increased number of perfused capillaries whenCapillaries levels are elevated upon increased metabolic demand is vital so that a sufficient amount of nutrients can be delivered to active tissue cells of organs, and waste removed. Here’s a summary for our customers:



Why Unhealthy Capillaries Can’t Provide this Vital Exchange

Unhealthy microvascular systems, whether a person is resting or active, have no reserve capillaries. When blood flow increases with activity, blood is pushed through a small number of available capillaries at a faster speed. Notice in the illustration “Unhealthy Capillaries: Resting, Stage 1” the feed flow equals 100.


The glycocalyx is damaged and the reserve capillary isn’t available. In “Unhealthy Capillaries: Active, Stage 1” when the blood flow increases to 150, the two engaged capillaries now have blood flow at 75 each, faster than when healthy and normal.


Very Unhealthy Glycocalyx Stage 2

When unhealthy capillaries are lined with a very damaged glycocalyx, low blood flow has no capillaries in reserve as illustrated in “Unhealthy Capillaries: Stage 2.”

When blood flows slowly through too few capillaries, as illustrated in "Unhealthy Capillaries: Active, Stage 2," delivery of nutrients, hormones, and oxygen, and the removal of waste and carbon dioxide, is insufficient to support active tissues, leading to conditions and diseases.

The good news: An unhealthy microvascular system, damaged glycocalyx and dysfunctional capillaries can be restored with Endocalyx Pro*.

What Can You Do?

If you’re already taking Endocalyx Pro, stay with it. Studies show that the maximum impact of Endocalyx Pro comes after four months of use. It is important to be consistent and give Endocalyx Pro time to restore, regenerate, and protect your endothelial glycocalyx.

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