Endocalyx Pro Regenerates Your Microcirculation System

Endocalyx Pro™ is the only proprietary, patented anti-aging supplement that has been clinically shown to maintain a healthy glycocalyx.*

The glycocalyx is the micro-thin gel layer that lines the inside of all blood vessels throughout the body and all organs.

Endocalyx Pro provides the anti-aging building blocks needed for a strong and vital glycocalyx, strengthening this micro-thin shield that protects the heart, arteries, microcirculation and veins.* It helps keep blood vessels slick, smooth and protected inside, from the largest arteries and veins to the tiniest capillaries.* This keeps blood flowing freely while optimizing circulation throughout the entire body.* GlycoCheck testing is not required to take Endocalyx Pro.

  • Endocalyx Pro strengthens the glycocalyx and helps optimize the structure of the capillaries, which allows them to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, nutrients and waste more efficiently.*

  • Aging, diet, disease, lack of exercise, genetics, stress and smoking can cause the glycocalyx to become compromised.*

  • Endocalyx Pro promotes healthy organs associated with vascular health, including the heart, brain, kidneys, lung, muscle, skin and eyes.*

  • When the glycocalyx is thick and strong, it serves as a barrier to oxidants, fats and cholesterol.*

  • You can preventatively take Endocalyx Pro, even without being tested for your MicroVascular Health Score in a healthcare provider’s office.

Dr. David Haase

MaxWell Clinic

"It is microcirculation that is the business end of all lifestyle and nutritional interventions as that is where the nutrients are delivered and waste is removed from the BRAIN, KIDNEYS, PENIS, HEART, LUNGS, EYES, NERVES, MUSCLE … every organ. When you repair and protect the microcirculation, you protect yourself from premature health decline.”


Caused by High Blood Glucose Level
A healthy microvascular system is important for transport of glucose from blood to organs.
High blood glucose damages (micro) vascular system and causes blindness, kidney failure, heart attack and stroke.
High glucose from diabetes can result in capillaries being attacked, resulting in capillaries unable to deliver nutrients like glucose, hormones like insulin, and remove waste from cells. Endocalyx Pro restores and maintains the endothelial glycocalyx lining inside the capillaries and improves capillary density and function*. Endocalyx Pro also helps protect against damage from high glucose and oxidative stress*.
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Heart Disease

Loss of Pump Function of Heart
Loss of microvascular density causes heart attack
Insufficient number of capillaries per heart muscle fiber impairs heart pump function (heart failure).
Heart attack happens when a blood clot shuts down blood flow in a large artery. When the blood clot is removed blood flow is restored, but damage occurs in the microvessels due to formation of oxygen radicals. Endocalyx Pro supports the health of the microvessels and limits reperfusion injury.*
Even in the absence of a large vessel blockage, people can experience chest pain (angina) due to inadequate microvascular blood flow and loss of capillaries. Endocalyx Pro restores the glycocalyx lining inside the microvascular system and increases capillary density*.
Many people experience loss of cardiac function and suffer from a type of heart failure that is linked to loss of capillaries and increased stiffness of the heart muscle. Endocalyx Pro restores the glycocalyx lining inside the microvessels and increases microvascular blood flow and capillary density that will contribute to improved heart function*.
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Blood Clot in Brain Artery Causing Brain Damage
Damage to vascular wall causes blood clots.
Microvascular damage causes White Matter Lesions with poor neurological prognosis.
Stroke occurs when a blood clot in a large artery blocks supply of oxygen and nutrients, resulting in brain damage. After removal or dissolving the clot and blood flow is restored to the brain, further damage occurs due to loss of capillaries by high levels of oxygen radicals. Endocalyx Pro can protect the capillaries against this second challenge of high oxygen radicals by restoring the health of the glycocalyx lining*.
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Septic Shock

Loss of Circulation Blood Volume Causes Drop in Blood Pressure
Can lead to Impaired organ blood flow resulting in acute kidney failure, reduced lung function, heart attack, stroke and brain damage
Leaky microvessels result in loss of blood plasma volume to tissue space.
Damaged vascular wall causes increased blood clotting and inflammation.
Septic shock is caused by loss of blood volume due to leakage of fluid from the microvascular system. Acute systemic inflammatory activation of capillary endothelium causes damage to the endothelial glycocalyx and mediates loss of its permeability barrier and impaired osmotic gradient due to leakage of plasma proteins to the interstitial compartment. The resulting low blood pressure and low organ blood flow, combined with reduced numbers of blood perfused capillaries, results in multiple organ failure and high mortality rates. Endocalyx Pro repairs the capillary endothelial glycocalyx and protects the systemic microvascular system against acute inflammatory attack*.
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Blood Pressure is Higher than Accepted Level
Hypertension is associated with loss of microvascular density.
Hypertension increases cardiovascular risk (heart attack, stroke, kidney failure).
Hypertension increases risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease and is associated with capillary loss. Endocalyx Pro restores, regenerates, and protects the glycocalyx lining inside the capillaries so loss can be prevented, and organs including the brain, heart, and kidneys can be better protected*.
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Kidney Disease

Impaired Production of Urine Causing Increased Blood Volume and Hypertension
Damage of microvessels causes leakage of blood proteins into urinary space, damage of renal filtration units and kidney failure.
Breakdown of kidney capillaries causes loss of its filtering system and impairs production of urine, increasing blood volume and resulting in hypertension. Endocalyx Pro restores the glycocalyx lining inside the capillaries so that kidney function can be optimized and preserved*.
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Early Cognition Impairment: Neurological Complication
Healthy microvascular system is essential to maintain intact neuro-vascular unit and support normal neurological function.
Dementia is associated with damage and the loss of capillary density in the brain. When capillaries are damaged, essential nutrients can’t nourish and oxygenate cells in the brain, and just as importantly, waste and carbon dioxide can’t be removed. Endocalyx Pro restores the glycocalyx lining inside the capillaries so that capillary density can increase, with nutrients delivered to, and waste removed from cells in the brain*.
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Inflammatory Disorders

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Vasculitis, Allergies, Glomerulonephritis, Autoimmune Diseases, Scleroderma, and Atherosclerosis
Attack of microvascular system by inflammatory cells results in loss of capillaries.
Increased capillary permeability causes tissue edema.
Out-of-control activation of the inflammatory system in response to challenges like rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis, allergies, glomerulonephritis, autoimmune diseases, scleroderma, and atherosclerosis. An attack on capillaries by inflammatory cells results in damage and loss of capillaries. Increased capillary permeability causes tissue edema. Endocalyx Pro can restore the endothelial glycocalyx lining inside the capillaries, even after damage and the loss of capillary density*.
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Cancer Metastasis

Uncontrolled Growth of Tumors
Leaky microvessels allow tumor cells to enter the vascular system and redistribute to different parts of our body, causing tumor metastasis (secondary tumors).
A leaky microvascular system enables cancer cells to redistribute to different parts of the body. Endocalyx Pro restores the glycocalyx lining of the microvessels to better contain the primary tumor and reduce metastasis*.
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Patented Formulation with Three Classes of Compounds

Restorative Properties of Polysaccharides: Endocalyx Pro is made with a brown seaweed called Laminaria Japonica. An extract is produced that is certified to have a minimum extract rate of 85% of the compound fucoidan sulfate. Fucoidan sulfate is validated as a hybrid of heparan sulfate and chondroitin sulfate and has a high binding affinity for heparanase. The fucoidan repairs the glycocalyx and prevents breakdown by inhibiting the heparanase activity. In addition to the fucoidan sulfate, Endocalyx Pro also contains high molecular weight hyaluronan which is essential to provide the glycocalyx with its structural stability and dimension.

Regenerative Properties of Amino Sugars: A high dose of glucosamine sulfate, 1,500 mg (vegetarian) provides the building blocks for glycocalyx synthesis. Research confirms that glucosamine at this concentration boosts endothelial cell glycocalyx production.

Protective Properties of Antioxidants: Microvascular Health Solutions developed a next-generation proprietary blend of polyphenol and flavonoids consisting of the most efficacious fruits and vegetables clinically shown to produce anti-oxidant activity. Olive (fruit) extract, artichoke (leaf) extract, red and white grapes (fruit) extract. We increased the amounts of these ingredients to provide evidence based effective doses. We added superoxide dismutase (from bitter melon concentrate). We also added catalase (also from bitter melon concentrate). It is also verified that these antioxidant ingredients survive oral intake and arrive in the vascular compartment at clinically effective dosages.

Recommended dose: Four capsules twice daily, either two in the morning and two in the evening, or four all at one time. One bottle of 120 veggie capsules is a one-month supply.

Patents: Filed and Granted as a Method of Treatment for the Endothelial Glycocalyx based on the synergistic action of three classes of compounds. This patented anti-aging supplement formula has been clinically shown to improve the health of the glycocalyx using seven synergistic ingredients from three classes of compounds:

RESTORE: Polysaccharides – enables repair of glycocalyx matrix (fucoidan sulfate and HMW hylaronan)

REGENERATE: Amino sugars – precursor for polysaccharide biosynthesis (veggie glucosamine)

PROTECT: Antioxidants – protects endothelial polysaccharide from breakdown (polyphenol, flavonoids, SOD, catalase, heparanase inhibitor).

U.S. Patent Number: 9943572
Japan Patent Number: 6518796
South Korea Patent Number: 10-1972691
Pending, and about to issue in European Union countries; Canada, and China.